« Moritz is a seasoned and highly skilled sales executive. He understands how to build relationships with the world’s largest companies and convert them to paying customers. He has a sophisticated understanding of the complex data protection and regulatory issues facing cloud computing providers in Europe. Any technology company that has Moritz selling for them in Europe has a distinct advantage. »

John Moss

VP and General Counsel at FinancialForce |

In a nutshell…

Foreign companies sometimes have trouble penetrating the European corporate jungle at a Fortune 50 level. Moritz helped Salesforce secure some significant accounts by defining a sound strategy and building a bridge between the negotiating parties. The signing of the largest European FMCG company forthwith gave momentum to the sale of cloud solutions in Europe.


    Managing the culture shock

    Salesforce’s distinctive commercial process and cloud deployment model was faced with skepticism in Europe, as data hosting and processing were to be held and executed outside of clients’ home countries. Salesforce teams also had to acknowledge the inherent complexity of a Fortune 50 negotiation, tread lightly, and show a certain degree of patience. It was also mandatory to navigate the data security & protection objectives of the targeted European companies.


    Approaching prospect clients from the field

    Moritz decided to approach several prospect clients from the field: work from a very operational level to sample teaser transactions, either where no competitors were present, or in regions where the competition didn’t have a major stake. Moritz insisted teams work side by side: Account team and Executive team. He guided the sales team through the corporate jungle of potential clients, led the strategic part of the negotiations, and built the bridges between the parties for a long-term relationship.


    Follow the leader

    The leading European FMCG company was signed to become the biggest worldwide Chatter deployment, and later decided to rely on a Salesforce solution for its Consumer Services Business. Several manufacturing companies subsequently partnered with Salesforce for the Sales and Service Cloud, as a support for their sales, aftermarket and services businesses.