The game plan


First, we set the baseline.

You’ve got a lot to say, and there’s a lot we need to know. In full contractual confidentiality, we want to know about your past experiences or existing organization, your
targets, your timeline, your budget, your decision making process, and your freedom of movement.
Then we question and reformulate, to make sure we are aligned. Defining the objective clearly is key to project success.


we challenge.

Because we have stakes in the project, we challenge your certainties, and confront your expectations. It’s time for a reality check. Again, we’re hoping to build a business.
We then guide you through a well-designed ideation process leading to a full-fledged business plan, with resources, timelines, focus areas, challenges, etc. spelled out.
Our experience with similar projects enables us to help you calibrate investments, sales objectives, and returns.


we do.

Once the plan is aligned and approved, we start building the operation: we structure your organization and help recruit the team.
We onboard your managers and bring them up to speed concerning your business and their role within it.
We enounce the compensation and benefits schemes, as well as incentives to maximize implication and results.
We mentor and manage the team, according to plan guidelines outlined with you.


Last, we promote.

Yes, that’s the best part! Because we take an active part in the process and feel comfortable with the objectives, we’re ready to call upon our high level contacts to promote your brand.
Depending on the context, we could be negotiating partnerships, developing contracts, or recruiting high profile executives for you.
This is the part we love, because it’s the tangible outcome of the project we built together. And it’s the part you’ll love because your business objectives are secured.