« I had the pleasure of working with Moritz for 6 months. He’s an expert in all things related to field operations in Europe including team structure, profiling candidates, the onboarding process, comp and most of all the closing business. His network of industry executives and customers is deep and very helpful. As a German living in Paris and having lived in the US for many years, Moritz understands the cultural differences around the world and how to work with them. What makes Moritz unique is his ability to get buy-in and support for change even when the changes are difficult. I recommend Moritz to any technology company that needs sales and marketing help in Europe.»


Senior Vice President, Integration at PROS (NYSE: PRO)  |

In a nutshell…

PROS, an American software company, wished to place ambitious objectives on its European operations, in a context of rather limited resources and lack of unity. Moritz and his team helped structure the go-to-market strategy, prioritize decisions, build partnerships, engage regional leaders, and negotiate high stakes deals. Today, the growth plan is ready to be set in motion, and the impetus is palpable.


    A roadmap to success

    PROS is an American publicly traded software company with a headcount of approximately 1000 worldwide, and revenue of nearly $200m in the field of Sales Effectiveness. The team in Europe of 50+ specialist professionals is based in several locations and has been through several management changes. A new Managing Director for European Operations has recently been appointed and given ambitious growth objectives. The plan includes creating an identity for Europe, identifying and focusing on the most promising markets, and determining prospects for a series of quick wins.


    Applying the right pressure on the right levers

    Once priorities were established, Moritz and his team structured the approach with the local leaders. Trocadero defined the roadmap to outline what was needed in order to contribute to the growth of the specific regions. These included:

    • Lead/ demand generation
    • Pipeline management
    • Field Marketing plans
    • Hiring of additional leaders (through Trocadero network or via search companies)
    • Coaching of managers

    Today, the organization is stabilized and teams from the different backgrounds work together seamlessly, with a common goal and a common perspective. A growth plan for the next two years is in place and ready for execution, with a great amount of goodwill on the part of the teams in place.