A reasonable strategy sustains the joint pressure of objectives, market demands and company restrictions.
We help you apprehend:

Target countries, industries & customer segments

  • What are your target markets (major, smaller, emerging)?
  • What are the milestones?
  • Are these markets ready for the solution?
  • Are there specific legal constraints (e.g. data protection laws)
  • What signals are you going to give in the key markets?

Competitive landscape and partnerships

  • Are global or local competitors the major challenge?
  • Which is the target ecosystem for partnering?
  • What is the focus for implementation, strategic consulting & major software partners?

Product positioning and marketing mix

  • Is the market product, solution or value driven?
  • Is it a very technical sell?
  • Should you adapt the solution to local language?
  • Should you have an outspoken or a discreet approach?
  • What is the expected impact of a communications campaign?

Sales & Distribution approach

  • Can you leverage existing channels from current partners?
  • Can you sell through our partners & use major partners to build pipeline?
  • Should you build our own sales force?
  • Is it an AE or an inside sales model approach?